WordPress Website Set-up Services

Our WordPress website set up service options include both a FREE WP set-up service and a PAID WP setup service where additional services are required. Since Year 2000 Free Blog Site and our parent company 1LG.com has completed dozens of similar client projects – from simple websites to complex ecommerce stores, membership sites and price comparison websites.

Our PAID WordPress set-up service includes premium theme and plugin installation and configuration, with demo-data and / or customisation as required – the fee for which will be based on the amount of work involved.

Our free WP blog / website setup service is offered to anyone who purchases hosting via our affiliate links, or, if you already have hosting, we’ll do it for a small fee. You can of choose to “Do It Yourself” if you are comfortable with control panels, nameservers, file structures and databases etc; but for those that have neither the time nor the skills to install WordPress themselves, why not give our FREE WordPress set up service a try.

Here’s what you get with our FREE WordPress set-up service: 0ur WordPress team will set up and configure your WordPress website for optimal efficiency and usability. We’ve spent years learning what works and what doesn’t. We make your life easier by handling the trickiest steps involved in setting up WordPress yourself, eliminating your need for technical skills, with the added bonus that your new website will look great and function just as you wanted it to.

We know the best WordPress themes, plugins and widgets that really stand out from the many thousands available and are most likely to help you achieve your online goals. We know which plugins are essential for your WordPress blog, especially SEO tools to increase traffic, anti spam tools and widgets to increase social media engagement. We will deliver a fully set up and configured WordPress website with a wide choice of themes and all the essential plugins and widgets you need “out of the box”, so you can start adding content right away.

Our PAID WordPress blog website set up service includes your choice of  premium theme from our one of the leading themes marketplaces; such as Themeforest.net, Mojothemes.com, Elegantthemes.com, Woothemes.com, ThemesKingdom.com and more. See our post on the top themes and theme directories for more information on choosing a premium theme for your new website.

If you have already purchased a premium theme from any of the 3rd party WordPress theme marketplaces, we will install it for you for FREE, provided you purchase a hosting package from our hosting partners.

With our free WordPress set up service there are only 3 steps you need to complete, in comparison the 10 steps required for DIY WordPress installation!

All you need to do is:

1. Choose a name and theme
2. Choose your hosting package
3. Sign up here + start adding content

Additional customisations are charged at normal hourly rates.

For the DIY enthusiasts – here are the 10 main steps required to install and set-up WordPress yourself:

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Buy a hosting package
  3. Point your domain nameservers to your hosting account
  4. Login to your hosting account
  5. Install the latest WordPress version
  6. Set up your email, contact form and pretty urls (permalinks)
  7. Select a free theme or buy a premium theme, upload to your server and configure it
  8. Install essential free plugins e.g. security, seo, antispam, caching…
  9. Embed a logo & set up menu navigation, widgets, copyrights…
  10. Create and add content to individual pages and posts

With our FREE WordPress installation, your new blog website will be set up with your choice from dozens of free WordPress themes (item 7 above). If you’d prefer to buy and use a premium theme there will be a charge to set this up and configure it to your needs.

With our FREE WordPress installation we will install and set up essential free plugins (item 8 above). If you need any premium paid plugins to be installed there will be a charge to set these up and configure them to meet your requirements.

If you purchase a premium theme using our affilate links below, send us your purchase receipt, we’ll install and configure your new premium theme or plugin on an existing or new WordPress website for a reduced fee.

Premium themes and plugins can be purchased from 3rd party theme marketplaces such as:

  • Woothemes.com
  • ThemeForest.net
  • MojoThemes.com
  • ThemesKingdom.com
  • Elegantthemes.com
  • and more…